Basel Watch Company



Celebrating 30 years, the company re-affirms its status as the global trendsetter for affordable timepieces. If style and substance define your lifestyle, then we can suggest your perfect wrist companion. At BWC you’ll find brands that always have something exciting, innovating and action packed; what’s more – it doesn’t have to break the bank. Pick out a timepiece which suits your personality, and you can thank us later.


About BWC

Basel Watch Company specializes in design, development, marketing, distribution and trading of consumer products that characterize fashion and value. The company’s principal offerings include a diverse line of stylish timepieces sold under its exclusive brand-names, alongside complementary lines of accessories, apparel and leather goods-items.

Founded in 1988, Basel Watch Company began its journey with a vision to transform the concept of time-keeping from a mere function to an expression of personal style. Ever since its launch, the organization has always kept a finger on the pulse of the fashion industry; quick to adopt and stay at the forefront, whether in terms of technology, choice of materials or the latest designs.

Headquartered in Dubai, Basel Watch Company offers quality, designer-wear wrist-watches under its proprietary BLADE, ELIZ, ELIZ Kids, BART & MELON and SESCA brands. The company’s products are sold in top retail stores all over the UAE and in other GCC countries.

As part of Basel Watch Company’s ongoing customer service enhancement, the company has commissioned service centers for its brands internationally.