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Chronograph vs Multifunction

What's a Chronograph?

Chronograph watches have a rich history, and some have speculated that they’ve changed the sports world for the better. Chrono- is the Greek word for time, and graph means writing. The name itself tells you this item is for recording time. Everyone from pilots to astronauts, and even the King of France in 1817, used the chronograph watch to calculate time.

Chronograph racing watches are popular with athletes who want to record their physical accomplishments. Chronographs first used in France in the 1800s before catching fire in the ensuing centuries as they were used to keep track of races and duels, thus doing away with gray areas and guesstimating. These time-keeping features, however, are kept separate from the standard time mechanisms via a pusher on the top or side of the watch. Timepiece enthusiasts understand the beauty of a chronograph design. A complex dial varietal may be coveted for its aesthetic layout or for more practical purposes.

What's a Multifunction?

A multifunction watch is also known as a master calendar. While chronographs count the smaller details of the passage of time, including seconds, minutes, and hours, a multifunction watch is distinct in its ability to track the day of the month or week as well as the time of day.

Design and practicality

Chronographs and multifunction timepieces are considered big face watches for their subdials, up to three on the face, which their owners may not know how to use. For many, the draw is the design or popularity of this style, while the functions may be overlooked. This was particularly true in earlier centuries when many tried to keep up with royalty rather than the Joneses. Once a king of a country with a strong military declared a strong proclivity toward an object, it immediately became endowed in a luxury cache. These watches, however, serve practical purposes.

A multifunction watch can help when on an expedition to a mountain peak or when you simply lose track of time during an arduous task. The watch allows with a quick glimpse to the wrist to see the time and date which can be a gift when running to a meeting. This timepiece can keep you connected to the world and make sure you stay on track, and you’ll never slip too far into jetlag with this miniature calendar on your wrist.


A chronograph or a multifunction watch, offering practical and aesthetic appeal, are the top choice as sports watches for men. A chronograph records the smaller details of time, which is perfect for sporting events or setting personal records. Multifunction watches serve as calendars that allow the wearer to be completely punctual at the correct time and place.


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