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Born on 23 June 1929 in Paris, Mr Ted LAPIDUS, the Brand’s founder, was one of the first French designers to take his vision of fashion from the streets, drawing inspiration from the “uniform” style or the “unisex” spirit.

The marine style has been the favourite theme of this passionate sea lover since the end of the war.
It all started with one of his friends’ massive stockpile of military medals; Ted began to “work” with them and turn
them into buttons onto which he engraved an anchor and two fleurs-de-lis.

This became his logo, his emblem.

He created his own fashion house in 1951. In 1963, he joined the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne (Paris Haute Couture Trade Association). The TED LAPIDUS brand became the property of the Jacques Bogart Group in 1995.

Since then, it has continued to grow and shine on the international stage, by providing carefully selected fashion items and fragrances throughout the world.

ted_lapidus black.png

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