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Basel Watch Service

The trusted name in watch care

With over 30 years of expertise, Basel Watch Service has built a reputation for high quality, reliable service.

Here are a list of our most frequently requested services. Don't see what you're looking for? Get in touch with our service team for a quote.

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Polishing / Buffing

Does your beloved watch look a little worn down with scratches? Let the Basel Watch Service team restore your watch!

Our expert service team is fully equipped to buff out scratches and other signs of visible wear and tear.

Your fully polished watch will look as good as new!

Dial Restoration

Exposure to extreme heat, water or moisture can damage and/or discolour the face of your watch.

Our skilled service team can fully restore the dial, indices and hands of your watch back to its original condition.

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Battery Replacement

Is your watch stalling or running a little slower than before? It might be time to swap out the battery.

Bring your watch into Basel Watch for battery replacement that is safe, convenient and affordable.

We only use high quality Sony batteries and our expert technicians are trained to safely replace the battery without damaging your watch. 

Glass Replacement

Is your watch cover glass broken?

Bring it into Basel Watch for our expert glass replacement service.

Rest assured with the knowledge that the the soul of your watch will be safely restored with a crisp, clear, high quality cover glass.

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Case Repair

Is the case of your watch riddled with dents and scuffs? Basel Watch Service can repair and restore it to like-new condition.

Movement Repair

Give your valuable timepiece the full attention it deserves. Basel Watch Service is fully equipped to service/repair and/or restore the movement of your watch.


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Water Resistance Service

Water getting into your watch? Get in touch with Basel Watch Service right away for servicing.

Water exposure can affect the movement of your watch and may even cause irreparable damage if not attended to promptly.

Basel Watch Service is able to test and repair any weaknesses in the listed water resistance of your watch.

Full Watch Cleaning

Tired of living with a watch covered in dust and grime? Bring it into Basel Watch for a full watch cleaning!

Get rid of dust, dirt and grime from even the hardest the reach corners of your watch and get back the sheen you've always wanted!

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Leather Change

Freshen up your look with a brand new leather strap for your watch!

Our wide collection is built to suit all tastes and moods. Get in touch and find out how you can renew the look of your watch.

Having issues with your watch? Our team of experts will get it fixed in no time! We now offer pickup and drop-off for your convenience.

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